Fenncast 2 – Preamble to An Escape

(Story being edited… do come back.)

The story that led to my taking off traveling.

There’s lots of honesty, some swearing and a cat.

Definitely not suitable for work, unless you work in a brothel. In which case, get back to fucking work.

Here are some relevant photos.

Below: Me in about 1983 on my birthday in Toronto.


Below: My father, Victor Marshall Fenn (1923-2014), in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya in 1945, with the legendary Royal Air Force Squadron 136. He was around the same age as me in the above pic.


Below: Another of Victor suited up for flight in his Hawker Hurricane fighter during training in Bagotville, Quebec, circa ’43.


Below: And having a feed on his deathbed on his 91st birthday, around two weeks before he died of old age. Note the G+T on his bedside table. Damn, we miss you, old man, but we knew you were ready.


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