Fenncast 4: Part 2 of Singapore to Manila by Yacht – Sibu to Manila

Part 2 of 2 covering the Beneteau yacht trip from Singapore to Manila, specifically the 11-day passage from Sibu, Sarawak, a Malaysian state on Borneo Isle, to the Philippines’ capital.

Contains: lusting, a sea floor ding causing a split rudder, Brunei’s raja, oil spills, fish eggs, flying fish, shallow reefs, navigation failures, giant jellyfish and a old log drifting at sea with a world living under its waterline.

If you listen to this at work you’ll be fired, or you’ll quit because you now know you can’t keep spending your best years in a cubicle. So flee now. Do it. It’ll all work out. They can’t put you in jail for not paying your student loan if you’re at sea. Go to sea, Billy.

(Photos coming soon)

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