Fenncast 2 – Preamble to An Escape

(Story being edited… do come back.)

The story that led to my taking off traveling.

There’s lots of honesty, some swearing and a cat.

Definitely not suitable for work, unless you work in a brothel. In which case, get back to fucking work.

Here are some relevant photos.

Below: Me in about 1983 on my birthday in Toronto.


Below: My father, Victor Marshall Fenn (1923-2014), in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya in 1945, with the legendary Royal Air Force Squadron 136. He was around the same age as me in the above pic.


Below: Another of Victor suited up for flight in his Hawker Hurricane fighter during training in Bagotville, Quebec, circa ’43.


Below: And having a feed on his deathbed on his 91st birthday, around two weeks before he died of old age. Note the G+T on his bedside table. Damn, we miss you, old man, but we knew you were ready.


Fenncast 1: Fiji to NZ by yacht

Hey, storyhounds. This is the first Fenncast… in which I crew aboard Adelaar (shown above in Tom Bowling Bay, NZ), a 35m gaff-rigged ketch from Suva, Fiji to Bay of Islands, New Zealand in November of ’88. With a big old boil on my knee.

Click the Play button above to listen.

Some shots from the passage…


“Adelaar” bowsprit view, in the calm waters just south of Suva, Fiji.



Vertical again with a bandage over the giant knee boil, post-squeezing by German nurse.



The American, on the rigging.



On deck.


Skipper’s wife and German girl prepare to cast a lure. We caught a huge mahi-mahi on that passage. Got a picture of it somewhere — will post when found.


I had two pairs of manta shorts. I thought they made me the raddest dude in the Southern Hemisphere. Note the remnants of that fetching boil on my right knee.


Intro & outro by Marcus Kihn http://www.alles.ca